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Aristocrat Shade Products

Aristocrat Shade Products

Aristocrat Shade Products

Imperial's award winning design has been engineered for durability, unsurpassed quality & strength. Each Imperial is custom manufactured to provide a fully retractable product that is easy to operate, maintenance free & self storing when not in use. Making outdoor living inviting & safe from the sun's harmful UV rays.

The front profiles incorporated in Imperial awnings provide superior strength against bowing and deflection due to it's complex inner design while still contouring aesthetically to the unit. The strength in aluminum is not in the size but in the complexity of the shape and the wall thickness.

The cable system used in all Imperial awnings are a patented poly coated steel belt. These belts are made of flexible steel cables sealed in a UV resistant poly carbon. This enables the smooth movement of these arms while eliminating wear on the casting components, and prolonging the life of the arms. The internal springs in the arms keep the fabric right and have been stress tested.

The Marceas Difference - It is the only distinctive retractable patio awning that has a center beam stabilizer bar that runs length wise giving a "Hip Roof" shape when extended. This carefully researched design feature makes this Marcesa model more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind. The fabric is kept tighter, and there is less sagging, while also offering a more effective shield from direct low angle sunlight. The increased slope to the front half of the awning ensures more headroom while enhancing the beauty of the outdoor living room.

Imperial Adjustable Valance - The Imperial Adjustable Valance, unique to the Imperial system is available on both the Imperial and the Imperial Marcesa awnings. The Imperial Adjustable Valance is contained in a cassette tucked nearly behind the standard valance when retracted. When desired, this unique feature allows the valance to be extended to whatever length is required up to 5 feet to reduce glare off of water or direct afternoon sun. The Imperial Adjustable Valance can be made with the same fabric as on the top of the awning or Ferrari Soltis 86 (which has 14% light penetration) or Ferrari Soltis 92 (which has 8% light penetration). These speciality designed fabrics allow visibility out while permitting filtered light to enter in without the annoying glare.


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