Casement, Double Hung Tilt, Double Side Slider Tilt, Lift-Out Windows

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Vinyl Window Designs Ltd.

Vinyl Window Designs Windows are manufactured in a variety of styles, in multiple colours and a host of variations designed for different applications and to satisfy the need for virtually every consumer in the market!

Styles include: Casement, Double Hung Tilt, Single Hung Tilt, Double Side Slider Tilt, Single Side Slider Tilt, Double Side Slider Lift out, and Single Side Slider Lift-Out windows.

Choose a narrow frame Picture Window for maximum glass or a Fixed Window Style designed to match the exterior profile of a casement or awning window.

Vinyl Window Designs has a full complement of combination window styles including elegant bays and panoramic bows.

Enhance the look of your home with a wide selection of fantastic architectural options!

Colonial, Diamond and Brass Grills. Specialty Grills, such as Prairie and Decorative Brass Grills are also available.

Take advantage of a full complement of vinyl and wood jamb extensions, brick moulds, nailing fins, and a dry wall return.


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Aluminum Window Designs


At AWD is it our mission to provide discerning architects, builders, renovators, property managers and landlords, with the best value, structurally-sound and energy-efficient aluminum windows and curtainwall for high-rise and low-rise commercial and residential buildings.

Aluminum Window Designs Ltd. fabricates commercial and residential thermally broken aluminum window products as its mandate.

AWD products can be custom-designed to meet supplied specifications on a per project basis. The result? Innovative R&D and stringent testing to meet CSA and other international standards via our in-house testing facilities.

Its wide range of products includes thermal aluminum window and window wall systems, swing doors, sliding balcony doors, steel insulated aluminum framed doors, the Euro Door, an all aluminum glass balcony door, sliding, awning and casement windows. AWD also manufactures insulated glass and insulated panels used in its windows.


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Velux Skylights

Residential skylights for homes are perfect for any residential install and come with complimentary products and accessories for any solution.

The new sun tunnel design of theSun Tunnel Skylights® delivers brighter/whiter natural light and easier/faster installation for small areas.

Did you know? Solar Thermal Water Heating can reduce your monthly utility bill, and your family's carbon footprint on the world.

Commercial sun tunnel skylights add natural light with commercial sun tunnels for flat roofs provides many benefits that no other light source can offer.

Blinds for Skylights control your light and add further insulation with either electric or manually operated blinds. Choose from a wide range of styles.

Velux® electric and manual controls provide a wide range of control options to meet the needs of any situation.


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York Aluminum

York Aluminum

...storm windows are a very economical way to increase your existing window's performance! With their maintenance free exterior and overlap frame construction, a storm will cover most of your existing windows woodwork.

By adding a storm you add another layer of glass adding more thermal insulation! By adding a storm to a single glazed window, thermal performance will increase by about double! All operating storms come with a sashed screen so if your existing screens are in poor repair, there is no need to fix them, your new storms already come with one of it's own! Storms can be made tall and narrow to fit the window beside an entrance door. Made with a kick panel to match your new storm door! A handsome couple!

All products manufactured by York Aluminum Storms are maintenance free. Wide selections of standard baked-on-enamel finishes are available to compliment your homes colour scheme.

The HIDDEN VENT retractable screens are designed to give you a clear view when closed and allow for ventilation when opened.


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